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It is important that your equipment is reliable for both you and your customers. Elite Tech, LLC's preventive maintenance program ensures efficiency and reliability of your equipment, while also saving you money in the long term. Elite Tech, LLC has been operating in the telecom industry for over two decades, and as a result, we are experts at pinpointing equipment maintenance that should be performed, in order to prevent failures in the future and make sure your equipment is as efficient as possible. 

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Elite Tech, LLC offers the Gold Standard PM Program to its customers. This program was put in place to ensure our customers are getting the very best out of their projects and equipment. It means that Elite Tech, LLC will stand by its customers from planning, to implementation, to completion and beyond. Elite Tech, LLC's technicians and engineers will make sure that everything is done the right way.

Engineer Servicing a circuit

Elite Tech, LLC provides:

  • Complete end-to-end preventive maintenance solutions for your company.

  • Scheduling of access with client.

  • Coordination of all preventive maintenance functions.

  • Tracking of issues and suggestion of resolutions.

  • Tracking of equipment life cycle.


Elite Tech, LLC's PM Solution will provide many benefits to your company, including, but not limited to:

  • Increasing your client service quality – we can provide COGS (cost of goods sold) for service pricing.

  • Decreasing client service interruptions, and ensure your equipment is in good order.

  • Significantly decreasing time and tasks for operations management, by taking care of all preventive maintenance duties.

  • Increasing your ability to concentrate on revenue generation.

  • Increasing ability to budget and control preventive maintenance costs.

  • Increasing equipment service life.


We offer complete end to end installation, we provide timely maintenance, dedicated customer support and cost-effective technological solutions. We work with OEMs such as GE, Alpha and Vertiv (Emerson).

Some of the checks that Elite Tech, LLC will perform include (but are not limited to):

  • Communicate and review customer’s concerns, past maintenance, and performance

  • Review equipment alarm history and operation of the system

  • Inspect power components for discoloration, damage and fatigue

  • Perform thermal scan and visual inspection of all accessible components

  • Inspect general overall condition of battery plant

  • Measure and record input, output, battery voltages, currents, and frequency

  • Verify proper operation of remote status panel and monitoring

  • Perform general interior and exterior cleaning of the system

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