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Elite Technologies & Communications has extensive experience in splicing, premise wiring, and cutover services for broadband to the home. Our crews are experienced in splicing & termination in the head end, central office, trunk and feeder cable, splitters, distribution cable, fiber drops, and fiber pigtails at the premise.

Electrical Construction Plans

Our comprehensive FTTx engineering, installation and quality assurance of back-haul solutions, include:

  • Fiber Engineering

  • MDUs

  • Point-to-Point Wireless & DAS

  • Fiber NIDs with UPS systems

  • Full in-house fiber installation: testing, connectorizing, splicing and maintenance

  • Cutover services from the existing copper POTS service to the new fiber optic NID with triple play services

  • Microwave design, pathing, testing and turn-up

  • Ethernet installation

  • DS-1 and DS-3 installations

  • Fiber conduit installation

The nature of FTTx projects require multiple splicing, termination and cutover crews along with adequate equipment to complete projects to your satisfaction in a specified time frame. We have the capability to offer equipment and multiple crews to help complete your project.

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