Elite Tech, LLC proudly offers its customers a battery life-cycle management solution that extends the life of jars (batteries). This system was developed to address the issues associated with the life-cycle of batteries that regularly do not reach their full potential due to improper charges being held. Consistent over-charging or under-charging can cause major damage to a battery, such as corrosion, leaks, venting, sulfation & lowered capacities, which could mean faults when the batteries are actually needed as backup power in cases of power outages. Our proven mechanism that integrates seamlessly with the monitoring software has proven that customers experience a 30% increase of battery life after having the system installed. This means that customers with this system will also see a significant cost-saving over time, in addition to many other benefits explored below.

Placing in a battery charger without  Elite Tech, LLC's management system means that the charge output is not being regulated as per each individual battery's needs. Elite Tech, LLC's system works by distributing the charge current to the exacting levels of what each cell within the battery needs. Charging a battery as per each individual cells need levels means that the battery will be able to fulfill it's full life-cycle. The system also works to monitor and diagnose any issues that it forecasts within the pattern, along with any current issues it is experiencing. It will categorize any issues as per the urgency of the problem, as a way to ensure that the customer has the reigns to determine whether a technician deployment is needed right away or at a later date. Unlike other battery management systems, Elite Tech, LLC's monitoring mechanism (and it's calibrated software) can be adjusted & changed out individually, in the case of one battery having to be replaced. This provides extra peace of mind for the customer int he case of one faulty component of the monitoring system. There is no other system on the market that can be replaced individually within a string like this, without having to replace the entire monitoring unit, in addition to there being no other system that can integrate all installed batteries within a carriers network. As mentioned earlier, this all contributes to an increase of 30% battery life on average. That life extension saves money on fewer replacements.

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Environmentally, Elite Tech, LLC's solution is a positive addition to any battery system in the following ways: 

  • Remote Monitoring - the system is able to self-diagnose any issues caused by battery defects, or system management defects, which means less travel to the site to perform maintenance, less paper being used to document site visits and less energy consumption needed in order to perform battery tests (that requires individual specialized equipment to test all different aspects).

  • Infrequent Change-outs - the system prolongs the batteries life significantly, which leads to less frequent battery replacements being needed. The equipment, power and transportation needed to replace dead or dying batteries can be damaging to the environment alone, with fuel, mechanical equipment and power tools being key contributors. 

  • Fewer Disposals - After a battery change-out takes place, removal and disposal must be adhered to in accordance with local, state and federal Hazmat laws. As batteries contain destructive acids, they require hazardous waste disposal, which is obviously a burden to the environment, but less change-outs means less batteries being manufactured and so on.

Comprehensive Support Solution
Whether the customer prefers to do their own monitoring or prefer to have our team of battery specialists who understand how to fully interpret data from the software monitor the system, Elite Tech, LLC can help to find the plan that is best suited to the needs of their company. Elite Tech, LLC's comprehensive solution means that Elite Tech, LLC will take care of everything from battery & system installation, to monitoring and interpreting data through the software.

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